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#155: Nieznany — Horse-drawn carriage - USA, 19th century


800 zł


An old, colorful photograph showing a scene from the life of the southern USA from the late 19th century. It depicts five black horses, one of which pulls a two-wheeled cart, and the remaining horses "walk loose". An African American is sitting on the cart. A chain hangs between the front pair of horses and the cart. The light of the setting sun reflects charmingly in the puddles of the dirt road. This characteristic wagon and type of harness was used in the 19th century in the slave states of the USA, especially in Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina.

This is a pre-war print made using an old technique. Numbered print (number 97 in the lower right corner).

Parameters and state of preservation

Color photography/paper. Dimensions in passe-partout: 19x33 cm. Dimensions including frame: 32x45 cm. Numbered print - pd 97. On the back there is an inscription in pencil "Jowey" (invisible after framing). The photograph is framed behind plexiglass in a modern frame with a passe-partout. Condition of the photo and frame: very good.



State: used

Condition: very good

Period: 1970–1979

Dimensions: Passe-partout dimensions: 19x33 cm.

Signature: Not signed

Support material: Color photography/paper.

Delivery and payment:

Delivery cost: 40 zł (Kurier)

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