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#225: Wladyslaw Trelewski (1828-1897) — Monastery in Trzebnica


4500 zł


A painting showing a fragment of the architecture of the monastery in Trzebnica.

On the back there is an inscription: "Władysław Trelewski painted in the Trzebnica monastery in 1883"
Below is the test in German.

Władysław Trelewski (1828 - 1897) - noted 19th century painter from Gniezno. He was an honorary resident of Gniezno, describing the history of Greater Poland. Listed in the Oxford Artists List.



State: used

Condition: average

Period: 19th century

Dimensions: 27x22 cm

Signature: On Trelewski 1883

Kind: oil on plywood

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Delivery cost: 50 zł (Kurier)

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