#274: Carl Muller-Baumgarten (1879-1946) — Bavarian genre scene



Carl Muller-Baumgarten (1879-1946) The artist was born in 1879 in Leipzig (Germany) and died in 1946 in Munich. He studied painting at art schools in both Leipzig and Munich. He was a student of Carl von Marr, as well as other outstanding masters of the brush - such as Ludwig Löfftz and Angelo Janek. His work was very rich. The painter created mainly oil paintings - perfect landscapes, charming Alpine and Bavarian landscapes, in which he showed admiration for the native nature, and genre scenes. Another famous painter, Emil Rau, created in a similar style.



State: used

Condition: very good

Period: 19th century

Dimensions: 100x78 cm

Kind: oil on canvas

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