#366: Zdzisław Salaburski (1922 – 2006) — Composition IV,



Zdzisław Salaburski (1922 – 2006)

Zdzisław Salaburski (1922 Częstochowa - 2006 Warsaw) - painter, actor; After graduating from high school in 1939. R. Traugutt in Częstochowa, during the German occupation in 1941-45, he took private lessons in painting and drawing with Zdzisław Kałędkiewicz. After the war, he found himself in Krakow, where he continued his artistic education with prof. Pautsch. At the same time, in 1946, he passed an external examination before the Commission of the Association of Polish Stage Artists, obtaining the right to practice as an actor. He worked in theaters in Toruń, Łódź and Warsaw, also creating scenography there. Ultimately, he left his work in the theater in 1961, devoting himself fully to painting. He was a member of the "Group of 55" at the Krzywe Koło Gallery of Modern Art. Since his debut at the ZPAP trade union exhibition in Częstochowa in 1945, he has participated in many exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. He practiced easel painting, and his large-scale abstract compositions refer to the aesthetics of Tachisme. The structure of the painting and its refined color, dynamics of form and plasticity of matter place Salaburski among the significant representatives of this trend in painting.



State: used

Condition: excellent

Period: 1960–1969

Signature: Z. Salaburski 1965 Warsaw

Style: abstractionism

Kind: contemporary art

Technique: oil

Theme: abstract

Support material: canvas

Color: multicolor

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