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Clemens brings together carefully selected, the best in Poland art galleries, art salons, auction houses, antique shops, showrooms numismatics, jewelry showrooms, exclusive boutiques and narrowly specialized dealers and stores.

Clemens only works with sellers who meet certain criteria our quality standards. We care about the security of transactions and confidentiality of personal data. Each newly added offer is verified by a Clemens employee or external expert.

There are as many as four modern sales formats available on the Clemens website online tailored precisely to the specificity of a given industry: Dutch auctions, fixed price and option sales price negotiations and Private Sales.

Clemens users do not have to waste time browsing through thousands of offers, in order to find something original, unique and valuable item, as is the case on popular auction or advertising websites.

Registration and maintenance of a user account are free of charge.



For more information, please visit the FAQ for Buyers page.

Detailed information on how to bid, how to place bids and how to make purchases can be found on the Help page.