Private Sales

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Private Sales

Private Sales is the personalized sale of objects in a discreet manner, without publicity. This type of transaction is particularly applicable in the market for art, collectors' goods, unique objects and some luxury goods. The Private Sales market has been developing dynamically in recent years. Displaying a work or a collector's item in a public offer, in a gallery, an antique shop, on the Internet, or placing it at a publicly available auction carries certain consequences.

The undoubted advantage of a public offering is that we reach a relatively wide group of recipients, but on the other hand, if the sale ends in failure, this fact is unlikely to escape the attention of customers. This is particularly painful when a given object is not sold in a traditional auction house - at a public hammer auction, i.e. it "drops from the auction". Then the object returns to the owner or seller, but the "stamp of unsold" follows it and is recorded in catalogues, online auction archives, in the memory of bidders etc. This often leads to the reduction of the starting price in subsequent auctions.

Previously unknown, unexhibited and unlisted items are particularly valued by collectors. Therefore, in the case of this type of "fresh" and unavailable items on the market, a better effect may be achieved by directing the sales offer, first of all, directly to a narrow and selected group of recipients - collectors who are often willing to appreciate this fact.

If you are unable to sell a given item through Private Sales, you can always easily use the option of selling it as part of a public offering - it does not work the other way around. Moreover, some sellers, for various other reasons, do not want their offer to be publicly displayed or available on the Internet. In turn, some buyers do not like to compete at auctions because they prefer a quiet, discreet and personalized approach to shopping. For such people, access to offers that cannot be found on the Internet or in auction catalogs may be a tailor-made solution.

Private Sales in Clemens

Clemens implements the Private Sales concept by separating part of its trading platform. Private sale offers are not displayed in the public offer and are visible only to website users who have purchased an appropriate access subscription.

Private sale offers are located in a separate and hidden part of the website, which is secured with encryption algorithms and passwords, so it is not visible in the public online space. No web browser robot is able to enter this strictly protected part of the website and index the content there. Sellers can therefore be sure that their private sale offers will not appear in search engines. As part of private sales, only available offers are visible, and all others, i.e. sold, unsold and unavailable, are removed. Each Seller has the opportunity to post such offers free of charge.

Sales and purchases in the case of private sales are carried out in the same way as in the case of the public part of the website. The only difference is that Sellers in private sales in the fixed-price sales mode have the opportunity to offer items without giving a price, by inviting users to submit price offers. Private sale offers are subject to the same verification rules as all other offers.

Access to private sales

Users who want to access offers in private sales must purchase an access subscription. They can purchase a subscription for a period of six months, one year or two years. The subscription can be paid via online payment after logging in to your user account. The amount of the subscription fees is given in the Table of Fees and Commissions.