How Clemens works


Clemens is an innovative online trading platform dedicated to the art and antiques market, as well as to the collectibles, design, jewelry and luxury goods sectors.

Each sales offer is verified to ensure high standards and transaction security.

The Clemens platform supports sales transactions and provides access to secure payment services. Sellers are responsible for shipping goods.

The website offers many innovative solutions supporting sales, such as the original Dutch auction system and the extensive use of artificial intelligence.

Clemens brings together carefully selected, the best art galleries in Poland, art salons, auction houses, antique shops, numismatic salons, jewelry showrooms, exclusive boutiques, specialized dealers and shops.

The Clemens website offers as many as four modern online sales formats tailored precisely to the specificity of a given industry: Dutch auctions, Sales with fixed price, Private Sales.

Operation is also possible using free mobile applications for iOS and  Android.