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Clemens means modern technologies and innovation focused on target customers.

We strive to develop and implement state-of-the-art technical solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science in our activities in order to meet the needs of users and increase the level of security of transactions concluded on our website. We place great emphasis on research and development activities.

Thanks to the use of innovative technical solutions, the Clemens website stands out from other online auction platforms created for the works of art and antiques sector and has the potential to revolutionize this market.

The developed technical solutions allow, among others:

  • increasing the transparency of the art and antiques market,
  • reducing the risk of transactions within the website,
  • reducing the main problems and barriers to the development of the online market, which are counterfeits and trade in stolen and illegally exported objects,
  • personalization of the offer by accurately matching it to the needs of specific users,
  • reduction of time related to sales service.

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Innovation: artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, neural networks, data mining, data science
Tarcza ochronna AI - przeciw kradzieżom dzieł sztuki i fałszerstwom oraz szansa na odzyskanie strat wojennych