Payments - FAQ

What payment methods are available?

The only method of payment for purchased goods is the secure online payment system available within Clemens.

How is payment made?

Payment for sold goods is made on the Clemens website. Buyers pay for purchased goods using the so-called online payments. Each purchase is handled by a specialized company that processes secure online payments. The funds are transferred to the special Clemens technical account, where they await confirmation of the availability of the goods for sale by the Seller. After the Seller confirms that the goods are available for sale and confirms the shipment of the goods, the funds are transferred to the Seller's bank account. If the Seller informs that the goods are not available for sale, the funds are immediately returned by Clemens to the Buyer's bank account.

What is the payment deadline for the purchased goods?

Payment for the purchased goods should be made within a period no longer than 7 days from the moment of purchase.