Delivery FAQ

Does Clemens deliver goods?

No. Sellers are responsible for the delivery of goods.

What are the shipping methods?

Delivery methods vary by item and Seller. Most goods are sent by courier, post or other transport service. For the sake of transparency and consistency of offers, it was assumed that the Clemens Seller may select only one delivery method for a given offer and, therefore, may determine only one delivery cost.

Can I collect the goods in person from the Seller?

If during the process of purchasing goods in Clemens, before making the payment, the Clemens algorithm detects that the Buyer and the Seller are from the same city, then the Buyer, in addition to the option of shipping the goods, will also receive a choice possibility of personal collection of goods. When checking whether the Buyer and the Seller are from the same city, the delivery address provided by the Buyer is taken into account, and if it is not available, the correspondence address provided during the registration process.

What is the delivery time?

Each product must be shipped by the Seller no later than within 10 business days - counting from the moment of making the sales transaction, unless the shipping time of the goods has been extended, at the express request of the Buyer. Delivery time may vary depending on the delivery method selected by the Seller.

What is the delivery cost?

Delivery costs are covered by the Buyer. Delivery costs are determined by the Seller separately for each item. Delivery costs are provided in the offer description. Delivery costs, in the form of courier, postal or other transport services, are calculated automatically at the time of purchase of the item, separately for each item.

I buy many items. How much does it cost and what is the delivery like?

When ordering two or more items from the same Seller, Buyer pays the full shipping cost for all items. The same applies to orders from different Sellers. Items from one Seller may be shipped in separate shipments.

How to provide shipping details?

The shipping address can be completed in the user account settings and in the "My purchases" tab. Changing the shipping address by the Buyer does not change the shipping address for orders placed before this change.

Is it possible to send the purchased goods cash on delivery?

It is not possible to send goods on delivery.

Is it possible to send goods abroad?

It is not possible to send goods abroad.

How can I track my shipment?

After sending the goods, the Seller is obliged to confirm the shipment in the Seller's account and provide the Buyer with the consignment note number and contact details of the courier company.

The parcel did not arrive. What to do in such a situation?

At the beginning, you should inform the Seller and contact the company responsible for delivering the goods. The buyer may submit a complaint regarding the item resulting from the failure to deliver the shipment containing the ordered item. Such a complaint may be submitted no earlier than within 21 days from the date the item was shipped. The complaint form template is available in the user account.

Where can I get more information about payment and shipping?

Detailed information can be found inTerms and Conditions.