FAQ for Buyers

What is Clemens?

The answer to this question can be found on the About us page.

How does Clemens work?

The answer to this question can be found on the website How does Clemens work?

Why buy from Clemens?

The answer to this question can be found on the For buyers page.

What distinguishes Clemens from other online trading platforms?

Clemens is a platform known in English as curated marketplace. Unlike other popular auction sites, Clemens cooperates only with selected Sellers who meet our quality standards and guarantee the proper conduct of the sales transaction. Each sales offer is verified by a Clemens employee or an appropriate external expert. Thanks to this, the goods available on the Clemens platform meet quality criteria, and we can also provide users with a high level of security of transactions. Clemens offers innovative sales methods, such as online Dutch auctions, zloty auctions, and private sales. Price Negotiation. All this definitely distinguishes us from other e-commerce trading platforms in Poland.

How to buy?

First, complete the registration form to create a user account. After completing the registration form, a message will be sent to the e-mail address provided therein, indicating how to confirm the registration (if no such message is available, please check the SPAM folder). After confirming your registration, log in to the website using the data provided in the registration form. After completing the above steps, you can place offers, participate in auctions and make purchases on the Clemens platform.

Detailed information on how to bid, how to place bids and how to make purchases can be found at Help.

Where do the items available in the Clemens offer come from?

Clemens does not sell its own goods and is only an intermediary in the sale of goods between Sellers and Buyers. Clemens cooperates only with selected Sellers who meet our quality standards and guarantee the proper course of the sales transaction. When selecting Sellers, we are guided by strictly defined criteria, which are posted on the website Participation criteria for Sellers.

Are items for sale previously selected and verified?

Each newly added offer is verified by a Clemens employee or an external expert (so-called Moderator) who has knowledge and experience in a given field. The moderator is obliged to verify whether a given offer complies with the regulations, in particular with the rules for creating an offer description, and whether the item meets the guidelines given in the internal document entitled: "Quality Assurance Program". The Moderator makes decisions based on his knowledge and experience and on the information provided by the Seller. Thanks to this, the goods available on the Clemens platform meet the appropriate quality criteria.

Does Clemens charge fees or commissions to Buyers?

Clemens does not charge any fees or commissions from Buyers in the publicly available part of the Website. Fees are charged only for the ability to access offers within the so-called Private sales.

What are the procedures for concluding a contract?

There are five modes of concluding a sales contract within Clemens. Online Dutch auction, with a public reserve price. Online Dutch auction, with hidden reserve price. Fixed price sale, only with the Buy Now option. Sale with a fixed price, with the Buy Now option and the possibility of submitting price offers. Sale without giving a price, only with the possibility of submitting price offers (this mode applies only to private sales).

Detailed information can be found on the pages: Regulations andHelp.

Is Clemens a party to the sale transaction?

Clemens is not a party to the sale transaction. Sales contracts are concluded between Buyers and Sellers.

More information can be found on the pages: Regulations andHelp.

Does Clemens ensure transaction security?

We have made every effort to ensure that transactions on our platform are secure.

Detailed information about Clemens' security policies can be found on the Security page.

Are the prices shown gross or net?

All prices given are gross prices.

What is included in the item price?

The seller should include all possible fees and commissions in the price of the item and taxes, in addition to shipping costs, which are quoted separately.

Can I see the item in person before purchasing?

Clemens, as an online platform, does not allow Buyers to view the presented items live. Nevertheless, in order to minimize this inconvenience, we set high requirements for our Sellers regarding the quality of photos of objects presented via the Clemens website and the accuracy and reliability of the offer description.

More information on this topic can be found on the page Principles of creating an Offer description.

Does Clemens provide information about the offer available on the website?

Clemens does not provide any information about the items for sale. To ask a question about a specific offer, please contact the Seller by using the item inquiry form included in this sales offer.

Who is responsible for a given offer and its compliance with the description?

Sellers are fully responsible for the goods sold and their compliance with the description.

Where can I find out who is the seller of a given product?

Clemens does not provide information who is the Seller of a given product, nor does it provide such information to Buyers before making a purchase. Sellers cannot provide information in their offer that could be used to identify them, such as: company name, NIP, REGON, company headquarters address, contact details, navigation data, links to websites, etc.

How can I contact the seller?

For this purpose, please use the "item inquiry form" included in the given sales offer. Questions will then be sent to the appropriate Seller. When contacting Sellers, it is prohibited to provide your contact details, such as telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

Can I reserve an item?

Clemens does not allow you to reserve items, even by prepayment.

What are Dutch auctions, PLN auctions and private sales?

These are innovative sales methods available within Clemens that Buyers can use. Detailed information on this subject can be found on the following websites: Dutch auctions, PLN auctions, Private Sales.

How does the Dutch auction work?

Detailed information about Dutch auctions can be found at Dutch auctions.

What is the difference between a price offer and a limit offer?

A price offer is a proposal of the price at which the User is willing to buy a given item. Price offers are only used for fixed price sales. Price offers are sent to the Seller. The seller may accept the price offer, reject it or submit his own price counter-offer.

Limit bid (limit order) is used only in Dutch auctions. It involves submitting an offer in the form of the amount that the bidder is ready to pay for a given Item. Clemens platform software, the so-called "automatic agent", will automatically submit this offer on behalf of the bidder when the current price of the item in this auction equals the limit value, provided that at this moment the given auction is still active.

When an "automatic agent" submits a limit bid, the auction ends and the bidder who placed the limit bid becomes the winner of the auction. The limit bid mechanism is intended to free bidders from the need to constantly monitor the course of the Dutch auction, which is extended in time.

Detailed information on this topic can be found at Help.

Can it happen that I buy a product that is unavailable?

Each Seller is obliged to constantly monitor all offers posted within Clemens, and in particular to immediately mark a given item with the "unavailable" status if the goods were sold through a sales channel other than the Website. Clemens. However, it may happen that the Seller does not have time to mark the sold item with the "unavailable" status and the item will be purchased in the meantime. In such a situation, the funds for the purchased goods are immediately returned by Clemens to the Buyer's bank account. This is because the above-mentioned funds from the sale of goods are transferred to the Seller only when he confirms the availability of the goods.

Will I receive an invoice for the purchased goods?

The seller should inform in the offer description whether he issues an invoice for the goods sold and indicate its type.

Will the purchased item be accompanied by a certificate, expert opinion, etc.?

Information on whether any documents are attached to the object should be included in the offer description.

Can I receive notifications about new offers that interest me?

Yes. Detailed information on this subject can be found in the user account in the Notifications tab.

Does Clemens deal with property valuations?

Clemens does not provide services in the field of valuation of objects, as well as services in the scope of assessing objects in terms of authenticity, investment advice, etc.

How is my personal data processed and protected?

Detailed information about Clemens' privacy policy can be found at Privacy Policy.

Will my personal data be visible on the clemens.pl website after submitting an offer or making a purchase?

We guarantee full confidentiality of submitted offers and transactions. Personal data is treated as confidential, so it is not visible to unauthorized persons. Transactions on the Clemens platform are conducted in such a way as not to disclose to other users of the website or third parties data on the basis of which the Buyer and Seller of a given product can be identified.

For more information, please visit Security.

How is payment for purchased goods made?

Detailed information on this topic can be found on the Payments and delivery page.

How are purchased goods shipped or collected?

Detailed information on this topic can be found on the Payments and delivery page.

Can I return the purchased goods or file a complaint?

Detailed information on this subject can be found on the Complaints and returns page.

Can I leave feedback for the Seller after the transaction?

Yes. After completing each transaction, the Buyer may complete a voluntary survey in his/her user account. The purpose of this survey is, among others, examining the level of satisfaction of the Buyer with the services provided by Clemens, with the services provided by the Seller and with the transaction.

What should be done in the event of a transaction dispute with the Seller?

In the event of a dispute with the Seller regarding the correctness of the transaction, Clemens should be informed.

Detailed information on this subject can be found on the Complaints and returns page.

How can I report an offer that violates the law or Clemens regulations?

For this purpose, please complete the "reporting violations and irregularities form", which is available in this offer.

More information on reporting violations and irregularities can be found on the Security website.

I have a technical problem with the clemens.pl website. Where can I get help?

Please first carefully read the Help page, and in case of further problems, contact us ;us.

Where can I get more information?
How can I contact Clemens?

Company details, address and contact details can be found on the Contact page.