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#119: Erno Erb (1878-1943) — Traders



Winter scene.
This painting has a certificate confirming its authenticity issued by DESA Dzieła Sztuki i Antyki Sp. z o. o.


Erno Erb (born 1878 in Lviv; died 1943 there) - Polish painter of Jewish origin, working in the period of modernism and the interwar period. He was born in 1878 into an assimilated family of Lviv Jews. Some sources give his date of birth as 1890. He spent almost his entire life in Lviv and Truskavets. He painted urban motifs, genre scenes, marketplaces, characteristic types of Ukrainian peasants and Jews, landscapes and still lifes. He most often used oil paints, although he also created watercolors and pastels. His oil paintings, characterized by the rich texture of thickly applied paint, are compared to the works of the German painter Max Lieberman. Erb has exhibited many times at the Society of Friends of Fine Arts in Lviv and Krakow and at Zachęta in Warsaw. In 1929 he took part in the General National Exhibition in Poznań, and in 1932 in the Exhibition of Polish Art in Buffalo. He probably died during the liquidation of the Lviv ghetto. His works are in the National Museum in Krakow, the collections of the Jewish Institute in Warsaw, the Historical Museum in Krakow, the Museum of Ukrainian Art in Lviv and the Lviv Picture Gallery.



Dimensions: 51x43 cm

Signature: Signed under the name E. Erb. On the reverse there is an inscription: "lb Targowica"

Support material: Oil on cardboard

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Delivery cost: 40 zł

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