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#130: Abraham Neumann (1873-1942) — Winter landscape



A painting from the Polish trend of this artist's work, depicting Podhale.
This painting has a certificate confirming its authenticity issued by DESA Dzieła Sztuki i Antyki Sp. z o. o.


Abraham Neumann (born February 6, 1873 in Sierpc, died June 4, 1942 in Kraków) - Polish painter, graphic artist. He was born into the family of a forest administration official. After graduating from high school, he earned money in Warsaw by enlarging and coloring portraits from photographs. He began his studies in 1897 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków under the supervision of Jacek Malczewski. He studied, among others: in the studios of Leon Wyczółkowski and Jan Stanisławski. In 1900, Neuman stayed in Paris for several months. He participated here, among others: during classes at Académie Julian, he learned about museum collections and visited the world exhibition. On his way back home, he visited England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. After graduation, Neuman settled permanently in Krakow, then moved to Zakopane. He traveled a lot, including: to the USA, twice to Palestine (1904, 1926-1927). Neumann was a prolific artist. He was particularly passionate about landscape. He is considered one of the most outstanding representatives of the so-called Stanislavski's "landscape school". After his stay in Palestine, the themes of his work were enriched with Middle Eastern motifs (especially architectural ones). He also painted still lifes, flowers, portraits. He was friends with many leading artists of the early 20th century: Leon Wyczółkowski, Rafał Malczewski (Jacek's son), Leon Chwistek. In 1942, Abraham Neumann found himself in the Krakow ghetto. On June 4, 1942, he was shot together with a group of elderly people by the Germans at the corner of Dąbrówki and Janowa Wola streets on the way to a transport that took Krakow Jews to the Bełżec extermination camp. Mordechaj Gebirtig was also among those shot.



Dimensions: 49x34 cm

Signature: Signed ld "A. Neuman 1923"

Support material: oil on cardboard

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