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#149: Józef Brach — Maritime landscape


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Maritime landscape

Józef Brach - Polish painter from the beginning of the 20th century. An artist popular in the interwar period, well-known on the Polish antique market. He most often used the watercolor technique in his works. In his paintings you can see inspiration from painting, among others: Bronisława Rychter-Janowska. He most often painted landscapes with staffage and architecture. He traveled around Poland, his works include landscapes from the Baltic Sea, Polesie and Lesser Poland (mainly Krakow architecture).



State: used

Condition: very good

Period: 1930–1939

Dimensions: 43x29cm

Signature: signed under the name "J. Brach"

Kind: watercolor on paper

Delivery and payment:

Delivery cost: 40 zł (Kurier)

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