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#151: Józef Brach — Seaside landscape


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Józef Brach - Polish painter from the beginning of the 20th century. An artist popular in the interwar period, well-known on the Polish antique market. He most often used the watercolor technique in his works. In his paintings you can see inspiration from painting, among others: Bronisława Rychter-Janowska. He most often painted landscapes with staffage and architecture. He traveled around Poland, his works include landscapes from the Baltic Sea, Polesie and Lesser Poland (mainly Krakow architecture).


The work for sale is a "concise artistic note" created at the beginning of the 20th century, probably during one of the painter's trips to the Baltic Sea. The painting was made in the watercolor technique, which Józef Brach mastered perfectly. The Baltic Sea was one of the favorite topics of this talented painter - so far, several maritime works by this artist have appeared on the art market - mainly showing the Bay of Puck. In this work, you can admire the painting craftsmanship expressed in the subtle modulation of color saturation and the accurate building of spatial relationships between the landscape elements presented in the painting. The seascape is one of the most beautiful you can imagine. It changes with the weather and you can never see it the same. This is one of its most important features. In the foreground, the painter showed a fragment of a sandy beach and two boats on a stormy sea. In the background, two more boats can be seen in the distance. A dynamic scene, the artist showed the power of the sea during windy weather, as indicated by layered clouds and the water surface churned by high waves that crash against the sides of the boat. The artist's goal was not to reproduce the details as faithfully as possible, but to capture on paper the transience of the moment and the melancholy picturesqueness of the Baltic coast. Therefore, the artist used a sketchy, unified painting technique, freely applying color spots with a brush. The colors are dominated by restrained moderation, but not without finesse. The predominant color is blue and its various shades - such as blue and azure, as well as white and brown.

Parameters and state of preservation

Watercolor on paper glued to plywood. Dimensions: 67x48 cm. Dimensions including frame: 86x68 cm. Signature titled "J. Brach". The work is behind glass, framed in an original wooden, decorated period frame. The watercolor and frame are in good condition. The watercolor (or the inner part of the glass), mainly in the upper part, has some dirt visible in the photos. The frame has some defects and cracks visible in the attached photos.



Dimensions: 67x48 cm

Signature: Signed under the name J. Brach

Support material: Watercolor on paper

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