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#152: Siergiej Fedorowsky — Mountain landscape


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Sergei Fedorowsky (he also wrote his name in the versions Fedorovsky and Fedorowski), a talented painter born in 1900. He created in the field of post-impressionism and colorism. Active in the first half of the 20th century in Poland. His work mainly included landscapes.

A painting from 1937. On the plan of a lying rectangle, in a static composition, the painter showed a Tatra landscape in the morning, on a sunny spring day. The painting is painted expressively with long brush strokes. In the foreground there is a mountain pass covered with green spring grass. In the background there is a deep valley and around it rocky peaks with gray ridges. The mountains are illuminated by the rays of the bright rising sun. The power of nature is emphasized by the atmosphere of peace and quiet. Meticulous registration of details is accompanied by attention to emphasizing realism. Monumental, raw granite rocks contrast with the warm light and greenery of nature coming to life. The natural light source (sun) is outside the image. The light falls from the left to the right, illuminating the mountain peaks and entering the valleys. High light and shade contrast emphasizes space and three-dimensionality. Thanks to the skillful building of spatial relationships between the landscape elements presented in the painting, as well as the masterful use of chiaroscuro and especially color, the artist managed to convey the power of the mountains and the endless beauty of the mountain landscape.
The image space is colour-diversified - both warm and cold colors appear. Color plays a fundamental role in this painting and is a reflection of the artist's temperament. Sensitivity, subtle colors, subtlety in color modeling, all this indicates that the author of this work was influenced by post-impressionists and colorists. This painting is a very successful attempt to capture a momentary experience, stopping a fleeting moment in which you can observe a special color highlighted by light and amazing details.

Parameters and state of preservation
Oil on cardboard Dimensions: 39x29.5 cm. Dimensions including frame: 43.5x34 cm. Signed: "S. Fedorowski 1937" The painting is ready to hang - framed in a modern wooden frame. Condition of the painting: in the right part there is a vertical scratch about 5 cm long, visible in the photos. The frame is in perfect condition.



Dimensions: 39x29.5 cm

Signature: Signed under the name S. Fedorowski 1937.

Support material: Oil on plywood

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