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#153: Franz Zachofsy — Charge of the soldiers of the 1st Mounted Rifle Regiment of the Duchy of Warsaw


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Gouache on paper from 1901 showing the charge of soldiers of the 1st Mounted Rifle Regiment of the Duchy of Warsaw. The scene is set in an autumn scenery. The central part of the composition is a soldier holding a saber in his hand, shown on a galloping horse. The soldier is dressed in a green uniform, a single-breasted jacket, a bearskin bermyce with a regimental-colored flare (red), finished with a pompon, hanging on the right side. Details of the uniform indicate that we are dealing here with a soldier of the 1st Mounted Rifle Regiment of the Duchy of Warsaw (probably a junior officer). This soldier leads the entire unit that emerges from the deciduous forest. The scene is very dynamic and relatively extensive. This painting is exquisitely painted, both in terms of anatomy and composition. You can admire a lot of details on it. The painter painstakingly reproduced the details of the soldiers' uniforms, equipment and weapons. It is also worth emphasizing the excellent reflection of the anatomical features of a horse at a gallop, which is particularly appreciated considering such a difficult painting technique. In addition to the realistic reflection of the scene itself, the artist also managed to perfectly capture the mood of the battle from the Napoleonic era in this work.

The 1st Mounted Rifle Regiment of the Duchy of Warsaw originated from the mounted units of insurgents from the Łęczyca, Masovian and Rawa Voivodeships, which in 1806 formed the national cavalry regiment of Col. Jan Michał Dąbrowski. In the first period of its existence, he was associated with General Dąbrowski's Legia Wielkopolska, even though he was formed in the area where the Legia operated. Poniatowski. The name of the regiment was adopted in June 1807. It was also interchangeably called the French Chasseur Regiment. In 1807 he took part in operations in Pomerania. In March 1807 he camped in the field near Gdańsk. In 1808 he was stationed in Piaseczno. In February 1813, he joined Antoni Paweł Sułkowski's Cavalry Division. Later he fought in the 7th Cavalry Division of Michał Sokolnicki. The regiment's color was crimson.
Horse riflemen, or chasseurs, alongside hussars and chevau-legers, were part of the light cavalry. They were armed with slightly curved broadswords and short carbines (110 cm). Dark green uniforms. There were three mounted rifle regiments in the army of the Duchy of Warsaw, formed in 1806-1807. They differed in the color of the collar, sleeve tabs, stripes, piping and tops of the bermy hats.

Parameters and state of preservation
Gouache on paper. Dimensions in passe-partout: 26x22.5 cm. Dimensions including frame: 36x31.5 cm. Signed ld "Franz Zachofsy 1901". The work is framed in a wooden frame with Plexiglas instead of glass. Very good condition, minor damage to the frame and scratches on the plexiglass.



Dimensions: 26x22.5 cm

Signature: ld mark "Franz Zachofsy 1901"

Support material: gouache on paper

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