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#93: Samuel Obodowski / Shmuel Ovadyahu (1892 - 1963) — Landscape



Samuel Obodowski / Shmuel Ovadyahu (1892 - 1963). Landscape overlooking the city of Caesarea (Israel). A painting from 1928.

The works of this artist of Jewish origin are rare on the Polish art market.


Samuel Obodowski, better known abroad as Shmuel Ovadyahu, was born in 1892 in Ukraine into an Orthodox Jewish family. At the age of 7, his parents moved to Łódź. In the years 1912-1914 he studied at the Academy in Munich. After returning to Łódź, he worked as a drawing teacher at the Hebrew high school "Jabne" at ul. Cegielniana (S. Jaracza) 75. Then he emigrated to Israel. The first solo exhibition of his works took place in Tel Aviv in 1925 and was opened by the then mayor of the city (Meir Dizengoff). In 1931, he went on an artistic trip around Europe. He visited, among others, Paris, Berlin and several cities in Poland. At that time, several exhibitions of his works were held. He died in Tel Aviv in 1963. Most of his known works come from the period after the artist's emigration to Israel. Abroad, this painter is better known under the name Shmuel Ovadyahu. The predominant themes in the work of this talented artist are landscapes, which also include the presented painting. He also painted still lifes and portraits (especially women's). His favorite subjects were seaside landscapes. His works are characterized by vivid colors and extraordinary artistic sensitivity.



Dimensions: 60x57 cm

Signature: signed ld S. Obodowski Clelesarea 1928

Support material: oil on canvas

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